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Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching is one of the most effective methods for developing the specific skills, competencies and behaviors required to improve performance, enhance communication and achieve results. Through customized coaching sessions focused on an individual’s specific requirements, executive coaching provides just-in-time learning that can be immediately applied to address current business challenges.

Executive Coaching Model

Pinnacle Consulting Services has developed an Executive Coaching model that engages business professionals in a systematic program of competency assessment and leadership development that leads to improved performance and results.

Program components include:

  • Strategic Objectives: What are the desired results and outcomes? What will success look like?
  • Competency Assessments: Leadership Styles and Preferences, 360 Feedback
  • Workshadowing: Observing the leader in the workplace
  • Development Planning: Establishing an action plan for change
  • Coaching: Regularly scheduled coaching sessions that result in improved performance and sustained behavioral change
  • Evalution: Assessment of results and identification of next steps

The results of this executive coaching model have been impressive. Leaders consistently report that using this model has enabled them to implement change and achieve their desired results more quickly and more easily than they have in the past. With the guidance of an executive coach, leaders find they can immediately begin to leverage their natural strengths, develop new competencies, and apply newly acquired skills and behaviors to achieve their most critical business goals.

Client Success Stories

Visit Client Success Stories to find out how our clients have benefited from Executive Coaching.

Clients' Results

  • Improved performance of individuals and teams
  • Alignment of individuals' goals with organizational objectives
  • Increased productivity across functions, divisions, regions, cultures
  • Greater organizational commitment and retention of key leaders
  • Establishment of a systematic process for leadership development

Ask the Experts

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