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Group Coaching Programs

Thriving in Times of Uncertainty and Change

In today’s challenging business environment, corporate leaders at all levels of the organization must be able to deal with the stress and insecurity that accompanies change and uncertainty. This highly interactive group coaching program enables leaders to develop the key leadership behaviors and competencies that transform fear and demoralization into motivation and achievement.

Program Benefits: For the Organization

  • Customized program to meet specific goals and requirements
  • Alignment of individual goals with organizational objectives
  • Improved performance, relationships and teamwork
  • Increased commitment and retention of key leaders 
  • Cost-effective: Provides “just in time, just what’s needed” information and development

Program Benefits: For the Individual

  • Accelerated achievement of business goals
  • Increased ability to lead in the face of uncertainty and change
  • Strengthened engagement, flexibility and resilience
  • Improved communication, relationships and decision-making
  • Opportunity to receive objective feedback from a trained coach

To learn more about how this program will enhance performance, productivity, motivationi and achievement, contact us at 914.238.4053 or email us.

Group Coaching Program

What’s Your Next Step? Creating Your Roadmap to Success

Are you facing a major challenge, considering a new opportunity, or embarking on a transition in your life or in your work?

If you answered Yes, this dynamic program is for you.

What’s Your Next Step? is a three-month group coaching program designed to assist you in achieving your goals more quickly and more easily than you could on your own. During this program, you will learn a systematic process — Your Roadmap to Success — for setting goals, leveraging strengths, building relationships and sustaining momentum towards success. You will have the opportunity to develop your individual Roadmap to Success, and you will leave the program with a clear blueprint and action plan for achieving your most important goals.

For more information or to register for our next group coaching program, call us at 914.238.4053 or email

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