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Leadership Assessments

Leadership assessments are one of the most powerful tools for improving performance and accelerating change.

The key to successfully leveraging the information provided by leadership assessments lies in the feedback discussions that follow such assessments.

Unfortunately, many companies spend a great deal of time and money administering assessments, yet fail to follow through with effective feedback meetings that translate the results into actionable plans for achieving specific objectives. As a result, the potential for development offered by assessments is lost, time and money are wasted, and there is little evidence of positive change in future actions or results.

Pinnacle Consulting Services consultants are certified to provide professional feedback sessions that focus on translating assessment data into specific strategies and action plans. We have extensive experience using a wide range of assessments, including Clark Wilson 360 Feedback©, DISC©, Leadership Styles and Preferences©, and Workshadowing for Executives©. In addition, our broad experience in this area enables us to provide feedback using a company’s proprietary assessments.

The advantages of including assessments as part of leadership development include:

  • Increased self-awareness, a critical starting point for change
  • Behavior-based feedback that is specific and actionable
  • Better understanding of how others perceive one’s actions, communications and business relationships
  • Establishment of a structured plan for behavioral change and improved results

Assessments may be implemented on a stand-alone basis to address specific issues, or they may be included as one component of a broader leadership development program.

Client Success Stories

Visit Client Success Stories to find out how our clients have benefited from Leadership Assessments.

Clients' Results

  • Improved performance of individuals and teams
  • Alignment of individuals' goals with organizational objectives
  • Increased productivity across functions, divisions, regions, cultures
  • Greater organizational commitment and retention of key leaders
  • Establishment of a systematic process for leadership development

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